How does it work

We are proud to bring together an impressive list of mentors to enable, a top-notch learning experience, network opportunities, presenting in webinars and fulfil dreams. When you become part of Mentormile, you are treated with world-class experience. You can self-pace your mentoring by aligning with right skilled mentors from our rich spread of categories. We have multiple offerings for individuals, organizations and communities.

how does it works

Helping College graduates
Helping College graduates, and people starting their careers make the right decisions.
When you are a student or a fresh grad it can be very confusing to decide on your next college or career opportunities. If you are starting your career right out of college, you might get a feeling that you may not be Industry ready. Beyond generic guidance, at this juncture, you will need a holistic mentorship that will enable you not only to identify the right opportunities but also help you understand the industry nuances so that you can take the right decisions. You can then create a self-paced mentorship program with our esteemed mentors and monitor the progress using the tools provided by Mentormile. Many of our mentors offer free career advice sessions to students and fresh graduates, sharing their deep expertise and industry knowledge to help you on your journey.

Helping working professionals to grow an edge through industry ready career planning.
In today's world - change is the new normal, things are changing at an exponential pace. As a seasoned professional there is a constant anxiety about how to prepare for in such an environment. This involves looking into future, visiting your longer-term aspirations to create a formal career and growth plan. While many organizations provide formal mentoring and career planning opportunities, those conversations are mainly constrained by the organization goals and available growth opportunities. Today’s world requires each professional to be not just skilled but also industry fit. This means networking with the right set of mentors, industry leaders, and leveraging individual mentoring opportunities with them to shape up your career. You can initiate your career planning by booking sessions with industry leaders at Mentormile and get rich perspectives to help you on your journey.

Helping Startups and mid-sized organizations to get access to some of the best in industry mentors to solve specific problems / strategize growth.
We all understand that running a Startup or an Enterprise is not easy and many times there are needs for skills that organizations need for a short period of time or an advice for which there may not be a need to hire a full time executive. To help Startups and enterprises manage these situations Mentormile provides services which would facilitate providing the right expertise.
You can start off by reaching out to us, by submitting a Consulting Request on the platform and include a quick brief about what you are looking for. In case you have a specific mentor in mind for that brief, please mention that too. We will reach out to you and connect the right mentor with you depending on their availability etc.
We also partner with organizations to provide Mentoring-as-a-Service. Contact Us to know more about how it works.

Helping Communities become more effective by leveraging Mentormile, and also get access to experienced mentors for increasing their reach and impact.
Communities (such as college students/alumni, institutions) run the mentorship program which can be a closed group. Such communities can leverage Mentormile to achieve not only establishing these mentorship programs but also gain access to our esteemed Mentors from other walks of life. This gives community members a much broader reach to interact with fellow community members as well industry experts and help them broaden their perspectives. Please reach out to us if you also want to leverage the power of Mentormile for your community.