Devika Razdan

Director, Product Engineering, Grofers India Pvt. Ltd.
Experience : 17 years

I am a Director of Product Engineering at Grofers. In my past life I used to do strategy and technology consulting at Publicis.Sapient. Having worked in diverse locations, in diverse roles an engineer, technologist, strategist and finally engineering products has led me to strong belief that its always day 1 of learning everyday - either by learning or mentoring.
  • Leadership
  • Business Consulting
  • Product Management
  • Agile
  • Startup
  • Career Advice
  • Digital Marketing
  • Women Leadership

About Me

I am a Director of Product Engineering at Grofers with 17 years diverse experience as Software Engineer, Engineering leader that eventually led me to finally engineering products today. I had a long relation of consulting in US with Publicis.Sapient where I acted as a trusted technology advisor to our clients. Shortly after returning to India, I joined a startup, Grofers. At Grofers, I am focused on building business products and the platforms development team that bring agility into our business. My work focusses on empowering and leading teams on creating technology advantages for Grofers through intelligent automation, experimentation platforms and personalisation strategies. I am extremely passionate about getting more women in startup world and grooming them for leadership positions.